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At Holne Chase, we are artists.


Art at Holne Chase provides all children with the opportunity to explore their inner artist in a creative, innovative, and challenging way. Our progressive and engaging curriculum aims to nurture creative thinking as well as enabling all children to become confident learners as they experiment with a range of medium in fun and stimulating lessons. Our ambition is for children to develop and hone their individual creativity, whilst building an understanding and an evaluation of the role that the visual arts hold in celebrating culture, giving individuals a voice and bringing joy to others.


Our Art curriculum enables our children to build on a range of Art skills, working towards and refining final statement pieces. Our coverage includes:

  • Sketchbook development
  • Drawing
  • Collage and Textile
  • Making
  • Printmaking
  • Painting
  • Critical reflection and articulation

To be engaging and purposeful in our teaching of Art we focus on developing artistic skills and related knowledge within the context of a progressive curriculum. Staff monitor the progress their class makes through each artistic skill to ensure artistic abilities progress year-on-year and enables opportunities for further challenge and support where relevant, to ensure all children have personal learning journeys and achieve their art ambitions.

We study a wide range of artists in order to develop a critical response to Art, and to support pupils understanding of the range of visual art on offer. This includes, for example, the role of social artists in giving a voice to those who sometimes struggle to be heard.

During their time at Holne Chase, we ensure that children have the fantastic opportunity to work with artists in residence, creating large artworks and using a range of artistic materials.


We immerse children in an art-rich environment that also emphasises the importance of the arts, and the positive impact that art can have on people and the community. Through the rich experiences provided at Holne Chase, we believe that the skills our children gain within art, give them the confidence to produce creative, high-quality works of art, which celebrate their own artistic flare and style. As a result, our children recognise the power that visual art can have in sharing ideas, representing freedom of thought and celebrating individuality.

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