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Outstanding behaviour is key to ensuring that children achieve their full potential and can succeed in a safe learning environment where positive learning behaviours are demonstrated at all times. We pride ourselves in rewarding children who demonstrate these positive behaviours both in and out of the classroom. Through promoting and rewarding positive behaviours, our ambition is to ensure that all children are committed to their learning, take pride in their achievements and reflect a positive learning culture at all times. By nurturing the children from their first day at our school, we aim for our children to learn clear boundaries and become outstanding role models who learn positive behaviours to become excellent global citizens beyond their time at Holne Chase Primary School.


Through our ‘Good to be Green’ system, children from Early Years to Year 6 reflect our values and positive behaviours in order to earn a gold star at the end of each day. Each child starts the day with a green card and remains on green throughout the school day. Children will remain on green by completing their learning to a high standard, demonstrating the values of resilience, honesty, courage, respect and perseverance as well as maintaining positive behaviours both in the classroom and on the playground. Each half term, those children who are successful in earning all their gold stars, are rewarded with the Principal’s Treat, which is a special reward for those children who are consistently demonstrated positive learning behaviours.

Addressing Classroom Inappropriate Behaviour

Whilst every effort is made to prevent any inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour, we understand that at times, children make mistakes and so may not always follow the school rules or demonstrate our values. The children will learn that there are clear consequences to their behaviour choices and consistent sanctions will be put into place. If this occurs, the staff will follow the following sequence:

Any child who receives an orange, red or purple card during a session will start again on green for the next session of the day (after break and after lunch) to provide an opportunity to reset their positive behaviours, however, they will not receive their Golden Star for that day. For some behaviour incidents, a child will receive a red or purple card immediately. A flow chart is attached to show where this may occur.

Rewarding Positive Behaviours

Each week, the class teacher will choose a Golden Pupil from their class who is rewarded for demonstrating our values or completing exceptional work across the week. The children awarded the Golden Pupil receives a special golden certificate along with a gold medal to take home.

For those children who achieve 100% of their Golden Stars by remaining on green throughout the whole half term, an end of term ‘Principal’s Treat’ will take place to celebrate their consistent, positive behaviour. On the last day of each half term, those children will be celebrated with Mr. Killick through a special treat.

We want to ensure that children who make an occasional mistake can still use the Golden Stars they have achieved to be rewarded for their positive behaviours. Therefore, for those children who achieve at least 90% of their potential Golden Stars for a half term, will attend a class Reward Afternoon. This will take place on the penultimate day of each half term and be decided by the class teacher.


Through the teaching of our values, our children learn the importance of being excellent global citizens and the positive impact their behaviours have on their learning and future success. Positive behaviours are reflected both on the playground and in the classrooms. Children are able to effectively talk about positive learning behaviours and the impact this has on their learning. Our staff using positive behaviour management strategies enables our school to create a truly unique environment for the pupils at Holne Chase; one that’s based on positivity, mutual respect and empathy. A consistently positive approach boosts our children’s self-esteem and confidence within all areas of school life.

Behaviour & Fundamental Values Policy

Behaviour Flow Chart