Year 2
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Commando Joes


Through Commando Joes, we aim to provide a character learning journey that is personalised to the needs of children, whatever their background or circumstance – encouraging our children to think critically and develop a mindset that thrives on looking at themselves and others from different perspectives. The programme contributes to cultural, physical, spiritual, moral and social wellbeing and plays a part in extending each child’s understanding of British values.

The COJO Character Curriculum is based upon the following 4 principles

  1. Character development is a right for every child
  2. Character education will empower young people
  3. Character will inform the ethos, direction of learning and culture of the school
  4. Character should be developed in partnership with staff, pupils and parents

The ultimate aim of character learning is the development of good sense and capacity to ‘think and choose intelligently’ between alternatives and it is with this aim in mind that the COJO Character Curriculum is based. Encouraging children to think differently and more deeply about their actions will be a significant element of the programme.


Every term, the children will learn about a different character and work together to complete a series of 30-minute missions each week. These challenges will involve the children using their teamwork skills, developing their values and behaviour traits as well as enhancing their resilience to complete the weekly missions.

The character behaviour traits below are divided into 7 categories linked to the COJO Character Curriculum programme’s central character – RESPECT. They include moral, performance, intellectual and relevant military behaviour traits that should not be seen as separate but be integrated to contribute to a child’s character learning and development.

R esilience – Determined; self controlled; persistent; courageous; diligent; perseveres
E mpathy – Just (fair); compassionate (forgiveness); kind; courteous; unselfishness
S elf Aware – Self confident; self-disciplined; honest; humorous; humility; adaptability
P assion – Gratitude; motivated; positive attitude; inspires; willpower
E xcellence – Creative; curious; inquires; pride; critical thinking
C ommunication – Listens; influences; feedback; reflective; evaluative; presence
T eamwork – Cooperates; responsible; cares; decision makes; helpful; unity; patient


Through Commando Joes, the children are able to comment on the importance their behaviour traits play in being successful in different aspects of their learning. Children are able to use their independent and team work skills through effective communication, resilience and passion to complete a task. By completing the missions and developing these values, the children can apply these skills within the classroom when tackling challenges across the curriculum.