Year 2
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Fun, Creativity & Achievement



At Holne Chase Primary School, we recognise the global emphasis on technology and understand its importance in modern society. Technology is now embedded into almost all aspects of life. As a result, we aim to set an example for and instruct our students on safe, responsible, and beneficial technology use.

Our ambition is to ensure each child becomes technologically literate; developing fluency and understanding of a range of systems, and how they can be utilised through gaining the skills and knowledge in computational thinking as well as creativity to comprehend and navigate the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

In an ever-changing world, our ambition is to ensure that children develop the skills and maturity to stay safe online, understanding how to use technology safely and responsibly whilst understanding the dangers.

Ultimately, our ambition is to ensure that all children are responsible, competent, confident and creative uses of information and communication technology to be active participants in a digital world.



Our progressive, well sequenced Computing curriculum provides pupils with a high-quality education that equips them with computational thinking, skills and knowledge, and the capacity to understand and enhance the evolving technological world. The computing curriculum at Holne Chase is designed to develop knowledge, understanding and application of computing skills.

We have segmented this into four key areas:

Online Safety – we support children to understand and appraise risks, teach them how to use online information safely and legally, and to evaluate the reliability of online content.



Through this creative computing curriculum children build breadth of knowledge and understanding of computing and safety so they can leave Preston Hedges as competent IT users, successfully able to interact with the world around them, and to draw upon the many benefits that IT can bring to our everyday and working lives for the future.

More than this, we also seek to engage the children with new, emerging and exciting technologies and topics. Our children create video games, become music and film producers, and use VR Headsets to travel the world. This ensures children are not just competent – they are excited, forward-thinking users of technology.