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Key Stage 1

In Key stage 1, children are taught in three separate classes: Oceans, Lakes and Rivers. Each class has a mix of Year 1 and 2 children. For the majority of lessons, our children learn within their own classes. However, we do plan opportunities for children to learn in cross-phase groups or as a whole phase during both core learning and topic lessons.

For many of our Year 1 children, the change from EYFS to KS1 can be quite daunting. So for the first few weeks of the autumn term, we plan lots of activities that encourage the children to become familiar with the learning environment and daily routines. Our Year 2 children serve as buddies to the Year 1s, helping them to become familiar with the key stage and whole school expectations.

To do is to remember…In Key Stage 1, it is important for our pupils to continue to learn through play, whilst at the same time, experiencing formal learning activities. Our experienced LSAs usually lead these activities; supporting the children in role play, exploration or activities that allow them to apply their knowledge from other curriculum areas. For example, in our topic ‘Where are we now?’ the children were able to learn about travelling to other countries by role playing airport scenes.

We plan using a cross-curricular approach, and try to link all areas of the curriculum as far as possible. We plan visits to places of interest that extend the learning at school. This year, we conducted a make-believe baptism service at St. Mary’s church to help the children learn about the Nativity. Our visit to Salcey Forest allowed the children to learn about orienteering, plants and wildlife through real-life experience. Wednesday afternoons have become a special treat! The children have been learning about healthy lifestyles; cooking & tasting food from different countries; and trying out a variety of fruit and vegetables.

At the end of every half term, the children proudly present what they have learnt. Family and friends are invited to come along and participate in our curriculum showcase; where they can look at what we have been learning about and celebrate in their children’s success! 


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