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Families In Partnership



The primary focus of the Families in Partnership model is to ensure the Trust communicates and engages with our school communities, becoming ‘anchor institutions’ in their local area.

We want parents, carers, and members of the local community to be at the heart of our Trust.



Each school has its own Families in Partnership group made up of Trustees, the school Principal, elected parents and members of the school community.   The meetings are also open to all members of the school community to join.

All elected and nominated representatives will adhere to the Nolan Principles of Public Office and safeguarding requirements. 

 The role of the elected parents is to provide feedback on school priorities, ethos and direction, ‘championing’ school achievements, developing local links for learning and employment, and providing a link to the school community.

Our elected members provide feedback from the community; raising concerns and helping to shape the work of the school and Trust.   We also ask our elected parents to attend, where possible, key school events, such as Sports Days and Parents’ Evenings.

How it works:

At each meeting, the group receives updates on developments at the Trust and priorities of the school whilst having the opportunity to provide feedback and ask any questions.

There is also a section to discuss any local matters affecting the school or the school community. Items can be added to the agenda by elected parents or raised at the meeting by members of the community.


All elected and nominated members will be able to access the Trust Governance Professional as required about any matter relating to the group.

An overview of each meeting will be on each school Families in Partnership web page and will be included in the Principals Newsletter.  All elected and nominated parents will have a pen portrait on the school Families in Partnership webpage. Members will be expected to be a voice of our parents and community but not the voice of the parents or community.  Moreover, the group is not a place for parents or individuals to discuss their child or an individual child. The group will focus on the school as a whole.


Our next meeting will be Monday 2nd October at 7pm

Our Families in Partnership Members:

David Killick – Principal Holne Chase

David has worked at schools across Milton Keynes teaching and leading in all year groups across the primary phase. Before being appointed the role of Principal at Holne Chase in 2022, he was a member of the School Leadership Team for 8 years of a local school in which he led on writing, early reading and assessment across all primary key stages.

David trained as a reviewer for Challenge Partners and conducted ‘Quality Assurance Reviews’ with schools within the Challenge Partners Network.


Robert Bruce

Rob Brice is a Program Manager in the NHS, for whom he has worked for the last 8 years across a gamut of specialties including Community Paediatrics, Child protection, Acute and Geriatric Medicine, Urgent and Emergency Care and Emergency planning. He has most recently been involved in the NHS response to COVID in Hertfordshire and West Essex, coordinating mutual aid to a variety of health service providers across the county.

Tom Barlex


Register of Interest 2022/23

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