Year 2
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Fun, Creativity & Achievement

Our Curriculum


Our school is built on the foundations of ‘Fun, Creativity & Achievement:

‘Fun’ to create happy, confident learners;

‘Creativity’ to provide children with the very best learning opportunities;

‘Achievement’ to ensure that every child reaches their full potential and achieves the highest outcomes.

Based on this philosophy of Fun, Creativity & Achievement, we have designed a bespoke and progressive curriculum for the school. Our ambition is to build aspiration in our children to learn and explore a world beyond Bletchley, providing them with the opportunity to open doors to a whole new world.

Our ambition is to enable our children to build and advance their knowledge base, develop strong skills and, through exceptional curriculum opportunities and experiences, foster an enthusiasm and love for learning that ensures our children fulfil their potential.

We recognise each child as a unique child with individual needs, therefore our curriculum meets the needs of all learners, so that every child reaches their full potential. We are committed to providing the very best teaching and learning experiences, which inspire and challenge pupils to demonstrate exceptional outcomes. Our ambition is to provide children with different learning experiences, celebrating individual achievements and fostering a positive attitude in a wide range of areas, our pupils will have the chance to grow their confidence and develop their aspirations for the future.


The intent of our curriculum begins from the outset in the Early Years. Here, children are provided with creative and engaging ways to explore and investigate their learning, so that the foundations are laid for a lifelong love of learning from the very beginning. Through innovative learning experiences, children are encouraged to become inquisitive resilient learners who readily challenge themselves. Learning is enhanced throughout the school through a range of enrichment activities provides which bring the learning to life through visitors to the school or trips out into the community.

The foundations laid through the curriculum in the Early Years and Key Stage One are built on further in Key Stage Two, as the curriculum adapts to meet the changing needs of its learners. In Key Stage Two, pupils have an opportunity to embed their core skills through a variety of exciting and innovative learning experiences involving enterprise and Science for example. Visits, visitors and trips ensure that the children’s learning is memorable and enables them to challenge themselves further. Regular experiences involving art, sport, theatre and technology further enrich the curriculum for the pupils.

Throughout their time at Holne Chase, our pupils engage with the local communities and explore the rich diversity that Modern Britain offers. Our core values of respect, aspiration, resilience, empathy, positivity and responsibility are central to everything we do and ensure that our pupils make a positive contribution to society. Finally, working in partnership with families is an important aspect of life at Holne Chase and parents are regularly invited to school to participate in their child’s learning and celebrate their achievements.


Through our progressive curriculum, children are able to demonstrate and articulate what they have learnt. The children at Holne Chase have gained knowledge and acquired the skills needed to face the world.

At the end of Early Years, children achieve above the national standard and at Key Stage One children continue to make good progress with outcomes in line with their peers. Beyond the academic achievements, the children at Holne Chase leave modelling our core values in everything they do. They are resilience and determined learners who have built their aspirations for the future. Not only are they ready for their next stage of education but have a passion and positivity to achieve beyond their schooling life.

The children show exceptional behaviours with a real understanding and respect for their local and wider community and empathy for others. At Holne Chase, our children leave our school as responsible young adults ready to be active and global citizens of the future.