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Safeguarding and Online Safety.

We are committed to making sure children understand how to use the Internet safely. E-Safety is embedded into our curriculum, we teach children about how to be safe online and how to use the internet sensibly. The children will learn about how to be safe as part of our RPSHE curriculum, through assemblies and during additional sessions held in class.

To outline our expectations and ensure that the school community uses the equipment appropriately, our staff and pupils follow an Acceptable Use policy.
If you have any concerns about a child’s online activity, please speak to your child’s class teacher. Families can also raise concerns to an organisation called CEOP – which stands for Child Exploitation and Online Protection – by clicking the picture below.

How Can I Ensure My Child Is Safe Online?

You don’t need to be a technical expert to protect your child on the internet. Here are some very simple steps to keep your child safe online.

  • Ensure you are aware which websites your children are using. Talk to your child about the websites that they use and involve yourself in their internet use, so that you understand. Explain to your children you’re helping to keep them safe.
  • The internet is a fantastic learning and communication tool, so be positive about it and try not to overreact to minor issues. If your child worries that you may take away their access, they could become secretive and hide problems from you.
  • Wherever possible, keep PCs, laptops and games consoles out of bedrooms, so that it is easier for you to monitor your child’s internet use. Please also remember that games consoles can be used for online gaming and therefore your child can chat to people online.
  • Just like school, set clear expectations and ground rules for when your child is online. If they understand what is and isn’t acceptable, it may help them to navigate any problems in the future.
  • Make sure all devices that connect to the internet have parental controls to help you set appropriate boundaries. Find your service provider and learn how to set your controls. if you are unsure about this, please contact a member of the team, who will be only too happy to help.
  • Make sure that you are in control of the privacy settings for any of the online apps being used by your child. These need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are at the highest setting.

Below are some links to some useful Online Safety Guides you can access to give you more information about different social media platforms:

Fortnite Guide
Instagram Guide
Roblox Guide
Sexting Guide
TikTok Guide
WhatsApp Guide

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