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At Holne Chase, we are scientists.


Science is part of everyday life for all students at Holne Chase. The study of science will allow our students to be involved in, make decisions about and solve problems do with themselves, their community and the wider world. It will provide a common experience for the development of language, logic and problem-solving.


Science at Holne Chase is taught by giving children opportunities to explore and understand the body of knowledge in the national curriculum alongside the process by which this knowledge is investigated, established, revised, refined and debated. There is a clear balance between knowledge, skills and practical application. This is shown in the Holne Chase progression documents. Children are encouraged to ask questions, carry out investigations and are exposed to predicting, generating, recording and explaining data in a variety of ways.

Teachers plan effective hooks for each unit of work and base each lesson around a ‘big question’ prompting children to think and work scientifically. Teachers link lessons to real life and discuss real-world applications in jobs in order to promote science capital. Assessment is carried out at the end of each unit and at the end of every long term in line with school policy.


The successful approach to science at Holne Chase results in a fun, engaging, high-quality science education, that provides children with the foundations for understanding. Our engagement with the outdoor spaces we have at school and locally ensures that children learn through varied and first-hand experiences of the world around them. So much of science lends itself to working practically and outdoors so we provide children with opportunities to experience this.

Through planned workshops, trips and interactions with visitors, children have the understanding that science has changed our lives and that it is vital to the world’s future prosperity. Pupils’ voice is used to further develop the Science curriculum, through questioning of pupils’ views and attitudes to Science to support the children’s enjoyment of science and to motivate learners. Our bespoke Eco-science curriculum creates awareness of ecological issues, a strong sense of environmental responsibility, and pupils leave the school with an environmentally sound ethos embedded into their character.

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