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Values and Houses


Here at Holne Chase Primary School, we believe in embedding our key school values within all aspects of school life.  These values were created by our children, staff, and families of Holne Chase Primary School.  As these values were created by our Holne Chase  Primary School family, these core values are upheld, celebrated, and promoted by all members of our school community. As a school, we strive to build strong partnerships with the local community, to ensure that every child has mutual respect and tolerance of the many different faiths and beliefs within our society. We are committed to providing our pupils with the experiences and understanding, to ensure that they will make a positive contribution to life in Britain.

We have 5 key values that we focus on in school. These are:


Each half-term, in our Monday values assembly, we focus on one specific value in order to fully understand what the value represents and enable our children to show it during their day at school. Those who show the value well receive a values certificate which is celebrated and shared in our Friday’s celebration assembly which their families are invited to.



Our school council wanted to change our house names from colours to something that linked to our local community.  They created their own polling sessions that all children contributed to.  The result was that the house names were to be named after the historic background of Bletchley Park.  Therefore our houses were named after:

  Mr. Alan Turing                           Mr. William Thomas Tutte

  Mavis Lilian Batey                      Joan Clarke

To find out the impact all of these people had during WW2 and the Egnima and coding machines, please go to

Children at Holne Chase receive house points if they show the values through their work or their behaviour and if they have particularly exceeded in their learning.  On the Friday celebration assemblies, the winning house is announced and is presented with the House Cup.

For more information about our behaviour systems, please see the policies below: