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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium:

The Pupil Premium is money which is paid directly by the Government into our school to support pupils who qualify for or have qualified for, free school meals, children who are looked after, or previously looked after children.


Pupil Premium Ambition:

To narrow the attainment gap between pupils – Our aim is to ensure that there is no attainment gap between the outcomes achieved for our pupils who qualify for the funding and other pupils nationally and within the school.

To ensure that ‘Pupil Premium’ children benefit from having access to a broad range of opportunities, experiences, and clubs. We passionately believe this benefits their wider personal development enabling them to be more happy, confident, and successful in and out of school.

To ensure excellent school attendance in order for our children to benefit from the education and opportunities provided by the school.


Pupil Premium Implementation:

Pupil Premium funding is used in different ways to best support individual pupils.

Examples of how we use the funding are:

All of the children who qualify for pupil premium are tracked by the school.

The majority of our pupil premium is spent on academic needs -pupils that qualify benefit from learning in smaller groups or having an additional intervention to secure their academic potential.

However, funding is determined by the needs of the individual child, so we also use the Pupil Premium to fund non-academic support for an individual child, for example by funding an important school trip, or providing an opportunity to join an out of school sports club. We also use the funding to contribute towards the cost of our Family Support work to support the children’s wellbeing and attendance.

Pupil Premium Impact:

Pupil Premium strategy