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Our Trust

Our school is part of Preston Hedges Trust and our governance arrangements are part of the wider structure of the Trust as a whole.

The way governance is structured across the Trust makes sure there is openness and complete transparency with clear accountability regarding roles and responsibilities. A key part of this is that our school is held accountable by the Trust Board.

The key roles and responsibilities of each part of the governance structure can be found in something called a ‘scheme of delegation’.

Families in Partnership.


  • Each school in the Trust has its own ‘Families in Partnership group’ made up of the Trustees, school Principal, elected parents, nominated parents and members of the local community.
  • Elected parent representatives attend three meetings during the year where they receive updates on Trust developments and school priorities, while having the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions.
  • We also encourage elected parents to attend where possible key school events, such as Sports Days and Parents’ Evenings.
  • As well as elected parents, members include figures from the local community and invited parents who can contribute skills and experience for the good of the school and wider Trust.
  • The meetings are open for all parents to attend as and when they wish.
  • There are three meetings each year with one taking place every big term.
  • Agendas for each meeting are circulated one week in advance by the Trust Governance Professional.


  • Any elected representative will serve a term of four years.
  • All elected and nominated representatives will adhere to the Nolan Principles of Public Office and safeguarding requirements.
  • A member may at any time resign their office by giving notice in writing to the Governance Professional of the Trust.
  • The membership of nominated members is reviewed annually in September.

Communication & Role

  • All elected and nominated members can access the Trust Governance Professional as required about any matter relating to the group.
  • An overview of each meeting will be shared here on the school’s Families in Partnership page and included in the Principal’s Newsletter.
  • All elected and nominated parents have a pen portrait on the school’s Families in Partnership webpage.
  • Members will be expected to be a voice of our parents and community but not the voice of the parents or community.
  • Moreover, the group is not a place for parents or individuals to discuss their child or an individual child. The group focuses on the school as a whole.
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