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At Holne Chase, we are historians.


At Holne Chase Primary School, our ambition is for children to become effective historians demonstrating a clear understanding of Britain’s past as well as the wider world. The children will gain a curiosity about the past using critical thinking to ask perceptive questions, debate effectively and use sources of evidence to explore information.

Through a development of historical skills, our ambition is for children to gain a sound understanding of chronology and enquiry to articulate how periods of history have impacted life in Britain today and how significant individuals have inspired changes in history. Through a diverse curriculum, children will appreciate the diversity of different societies and the role they have played in the development of local and national history and how this has positively impacted British culture.

Using their historical skills and knowledge, the children will be responsible and ambitious citizens appreciating their own identify and how it has been influenced by people of the past.


Our History curriculum takes children on a journey from prehistory to modern times, covering:

  • Royal rulers and how they impacted the lives of people living in those periods
  • Explorers who took journeys into the unknown, and how this changed the lives of people in that time and beyond
  • Key historic periods in Britain, and in the local area of Milton Keynes
  • How the British Isles were shaped by our Roman and Viking conquerors; battles and resistance, key individuals and what life was like for the Britons and the Celts
  • What ancient civilisations looked like, how they were ruled, how they lived and traded; what they achieved and the impact of this on future civilisations
  • How the Great Wars (1 & 2) came about, the role of leaders and parliament; impact on life for those at home and abroad; similarities and differences in the wars
  • Vietnam and the Peace Protest; understanding key events that led to the Vietnam War, how this impacted those living in Vietnam then and now; comparing this to previous learning of World War 1 & 2, exploring opposing viewpoints and recognising cause and consequence

We seek to build links for our children as they gain knowledge, so that by the end of their time at Holne Chase School they can:

  • Understand different models of leadership and government
  • Be discerning about historical sources and recognise the impact of partiality within this
  • Recognise similarities and differences across historical periods
  • Ask questions and make judgements based on evidence
  • Recognise that modern life has been built on the success and failures of a significant period of human history

Alongside their substantive curriculum knowledge, children are encouraged to develop their historical enquiry knowledge year on year, to ensure they advance year on year their ability to analyse and interpret history, and work as historians.

Each year we build on previous knowledge, enabling children to evaluate that year’s area of learning against their growing body of historical knowledge. Staff continuously assess our pupils to further support or challenge each child’s learning as appropriate to ensure a personalised learning journey.


Our fun, creative lessons nurture a love for history, and an appreciation for its impact on (and relevance in) modern society. Our bespoke curriculum exposes children to a range of viewpoints and, as a result, they are encouraged to develop an individual, evaluative perspective of the decisions made in the past, whilst understanding the importance of perspective and objectivity.

Children develop the confidence, skills and enthusiasm to delve deeper into our world’s rich and diverse history as they embark on their learning journeys in a range of further education settings.

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