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At Holne Chase, we are musicians.


Our progressive whole-school music curriculum is designed to develop creativity and confidence through music. The curriculum is built around three main skill areas which have related learning objectives:

  • Listening and Appraising
  • Composing and Exploring
  • Performing

Through music, we have the opportunity to promote and reinforce the importance of developing ideas and working collaboratively, whilst also offering excellent opportunities for individual accomplishment. Each year, knowledge develops to include new terminology and techniques, to ensure understanding matures alongside ability, and children have the opportunity to perform their music and celebrate their learning with family and friends.


Learning objectives for each year group are designed to build on the previous years with increasing complexity relating to children’s ability to:

  • Listen and Appraise
  • Compose and Explore
  • Perform

With new concepts and applications to explore year on year, teachers work hard to ensure a broad range of music experiences are embraced. Each child’s progress is documented and assessed to enable teachers to continue to develop understanding and knowledge without risk of repetition or omission. Staff also recognise the huge importance music plays in wellbeing and enjoy providing opportunities for children to join together to develop creativity and self-confidence.

We work with the Milton Keynes Music Service in order to provide opportunities for our children to learn a musical instrument both in lessons and as part of an extra-curricular activity. Our approach also enables teachers to further challenge or support individual children to ensure they progress and achieve their own, unique, music ambition.


Our music curriculum encourages children at Holne Chase to explore creatively by immersing them in an environment that promotes a love and importance of music. We aim for children to understand the importance of music and its positive impact it can have on individuals and communities.

We aspire for our children to develop a creative edge through experiences that promote the importance of practising skills and demonstrating self-discipline, developing ideas and working collaboratively whilst offering opportunities for individual flare and accomplishment.

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