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Fun, Creativity & Achievement


Mathematics Ambition:

We are currently working to introduce a new approach to Maths based on the Trusts philosophies.

Maths at Holne Chase will follow the MAT philosophy of ‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement’ through interactive, pacey lessons that have high levels of teacher assessment to ensure a personalised learning journey. This results in each child being challenged and engaged in their learning, allowing each pupil to fulfil their potential and develop a love for Mathematics.

Curriculum Implementation:

Maths will be taught daily and follows a consistent approach from Year R – Six.

In Year R, Maths sessions will have a mental starter , which is followed by teacher input to the class. The children then either have the opportunity to undertake a Maths focused job or work with their teacher on an activity related to their learning.

In Year R, Maths is not just evident in our lessons, you will find it everywhere! For example, you will find tills, coins, numbers in the construction area, tape measures, a variety of shapes and even a number shed to keep our children entertained and learning.

As we move into Year 1, our lessons have a consistent structure to support our children’s learning.

Each lesson starts with a mental objective linked to the National Curriculum that is taught interactively through whiteboard work and mental calculations. Each lesson also has a main objective and a challenge objective linked to this which are taken from the different strands of the Maths curriculum.


Maths strands:



Decimals and Percentages:



Data Handling

We believe in a consistent approach to Maths across the school to ensure core teaching features are visible from Reception to Year Six.

All of our lessons are taught with ongoing assessment in mind, allowing teachers to personalise the learning journey for individuals enabling children to make outstanding progress against their individual starting points. Lessons promote high levels of engagement through focussed questioning, paired talk and a pacey delivery. This means children are able to take an active role in their learning.

Year Two – Year Six have weekly arithmetic sessions building on their knowledge of the four core operations as well as operations with fractions. This is taught progressively using the schools Calculation Policy to allow each year group to scaffold learning from previous years.


Curriculum Impact:

Our approach leads to happy, well-rounded Mathematicians, who enjoy learning, are confident mathematicians and ready for the next step in their educational journey.